On Site With The Leatherman Wave

I wanted to let you all know about how I used the Leatherman Wave  on a recent construction project. During the entire project I had my multi tool on my belt and ready to go. With a tool as versatile as the Wave there’s no telling what uses I might find for it. I was surprised to discover that even on an extremely complex and large scale project the Wave was perfect.

The Project: renovate a 2,000 square foot warehouse in to 5 bedroom loft. This included framing the rooms, installing insulation,  wiring electrical, hanging drywall, mudding, taping, priming, and painting. The original Leatherman Multi Tools were designed to be used by workers in the field doing jobs like fixing city electrical lines and re-wiring phone lines. They were redesigned to be used by the consumer, which is actually what eventually made them so popular. I was skeptical about how useful the Wave would be for a “real” job, but it turned out that at almost every stage my Leatherman Wave Multi Tool came in handy.

The Screwdriver That’s Always There

The most use by far that I got out of my Leatherman was when I needed a screwdriver. It’s rare to have a driver in your pocket and then need it. Most of the time I found my self needing to open an electrical box or remount a switch while I was upstairs and the tool boxes were downstairs.

No problem, I just reached in to the pouch on my belt, took out my Leatherman, and I was ready to go. I really like the exchangeable bit set up on the Wave. It was very easy for me to switch from philips to flat head. I used it to open electrical boxes, replace exacto blades, fix tape measures, install door handles, install lights, etc. Of course there are a near infinite uses for a screw driver, but the point is that I was able to get these jobs done with no need to go running around looking for the tools. Everything I needed was right there on my belt.

On the Ladder, Need to Cut

One of the great things about having a powerful multi tool that I can carry around everywhere is that there are  some places where it would be almost impossible to have everything you needed without a full tool belt. The one place I found my self needing the Wave the most was on a ladder. When I am on a ladder needing a tool like  a knife or a drywall saw is a pain.

Without the Leatherman Wave I would have to climb down and get whatever I needed. The problem with climbing down is that usually I’d be up on the ladder holding something from falling over like a heavy piece of drywall or some insulation. I found that having the tool on hand allowed me to work quickly and safely in these circumstances.

For quickly cutting insulation I found that the knife on the Wave was perfect. I could climb up the ladder, hold the insulation in one hand, un-button the holster, take out the Leatherman, and open the knife with the other hand. This saved me a lot of time and allowed be to cut and place insulation with ease.

For shaving drywall I found that the saw on the Wave worked surprisingly well. Getting a piece of drywall cut and then realizing at the last minute that it doesn’t fit is an all to common experience. Being able to just reach for the Leatherman and saw off what needs to be taken off is a life saver.

This project was fun and challenging. It was a great test for my Leatherman Wave. I will definitely take it with me when ever I know I’ll need to do some serious work.

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