This site gives some great tips and tricks about the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool. The wave is by far the best multi tool of its kind. It is on the tool belts of electricians, construction workers, artist, and really anyone who needs to get the job done. I’ve used the Leatherman Wave many times in a multitude of situations. It as proven time and time again to be the the most versitle tool in my arsonal. I always know where it is and when I need a knife, a screwdriver, some scisors. ect. The leatherman wave is the first thing I grab for. Even on large projects when I have access to the right tool. Sometimes all it really comes down to is that when I need a tool now, for example if I’m at the top of the ladder, the Leatherman Wave is there on my belt ready to be slipped out and save the day.

I started writing this blog after receiving the Leatherman Wave for Christmas one year. I was looking for a new project and I thought a site dedicated to this tool would be a great idea. In the process I have learned a lot, especially about the history of the Leatherman Wave which you can read in one of my blog posts. I hope this site will help others get as much as possible out of this amazing tool. Please visit our sponsors as well for some good deals on Leatherman Wave gear and other fun stuff you might be interested in.